Authorised Dewalt Dealers UK

Authorised Dewalt Dealers UK

Authorised Dewalt Dealers UK

Authorised DeWalt Dealers UK

DeWalt DW083K 3 Beam Dot Self Leveling Laser Pointer RW

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DeWALT DW083K 3 Beam Laser self levelling laser allows accurate work to +/-0.2mm/mtr and self levelling up to 4 degrees surface angle. DW083K DeWALT Laser Points use just one button for fast easy operation plus the pendulum locks when DW083K Pointers are switched off. The focused laser beam keeps the dot small over long distances improving accuracy and visibility at all times plus the useful location magnets allow the tradesman to use metal brackets or wall brackets for the laser pointer datum point


  • 30mtr indoor visibility
  • 3 beam laser level
  • Direction of beams up/down/level
  • Focused laser beam
  • Self levelling range +/-4 degrees
  • Levelling accuracy +/-0.2mm/mtr
  • One button operation
  • Pendulum locks
  • Location magnets
  • Pointer rotates 180 degrees
  • Tripod connection 1/4″
  • 6v power source
  • Type 2 laser <1mW
  • Weight 0.6kgs