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Black & Decker GKC1000L 18v Cordless Alligator Powered Lopper RW

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When Black & Decker originally introduced the GK1000 electric lopper it quickly proved itself as a unique and popular tool for heavy duty pruning tasks around the garden, and the new GKC1000 retains the same design concept but runs on 18v lithium ion batteries rather than being mains powered. Sharing battery and charger compatibility with the rest of the Black & Decker 18v lithium ion range of cordless garden & DIY power tools, the GKC1000 can be used in every corner of your garden without having to worry about trailing power cables and tangled extension leads getting in the way.

Black & Decker GKC1000 Auto Oiling Like the original GK1000, the GKC1000 has been built to integrate the heavy duty cutting performance of a conventional chainsaw into a tool that is also exceptionally safe to use for amateurs and experts alike. The chain is shielded inside the upper jaw of the lopper, meaning it is only exposed to the surface of the material being cut, while the lower jaw grips the workpiece to ensure a secure hold. Additionally, a safety switch reduces the risk of accidental start-up, while the lack of a power cable means there is no danger of cutting through it while working.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed as a safer alternative to a chainsaw for garden maintenance tasks
  • Cordless freedom with no danger of cutting the cord
  • Uses a standard Black & Decker 18v battery; interchangeable with other tools in the range
  • Cuts through branches up to 10cm in diameter
  • Patented jaw encloses the moving chain providing added protection & safety to the user
  • Ideal for pruning trees & managing fallen branches into smaller pieces

What’s Included

  • 1 x 2.0Ah Li-ion battery
  • charger

Power Source