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Authorised Dewalt Dealers UK

Authorised Dewalt Dealers UK

Authorised DeWalt Dealers UK

DeWalt DCN701D1-XJ 18V XR Electrician insulated Crown Stapler + 2Ah + Staples

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DeWalt DCN701D1-XJ 18V XR Electrician Stapler + 2Ah Battery + Staples New


The Dewalt 18V XR ELECTRICIAN’S STAPLER bare unit is ideal for professional use and being cordless allows flexible work without the need for hoses or cables. The class-leading vibration and sound figures offers fantastic user protection making this reliable and a safe unit to use. Dry fire lockout ensures that the stapler is protected from firing without nails in the magazine to help minimize damage and issues with the unit giving it a longer life. This stapler operates mechanically rather than by gas which means its performance is much more consistent at temperatures between -15 and 50° so this stapler is much more versatile and can be used in many applications with a minimal need for cleaning and service.


Features and Benefits:

Ultra Compact (Height 200mm / Weight 2.1Kg) for easy tire-free use
Easily fits in between joists and confined spaces
Automatic Depth Of Drive Adjustment – Adjusts based on cable thickness and staple
Bright LED to Enhance visibility
Tool-Free Jam Release for easy use
Dry Fire Lock-Out which alerts users to refill
35 Staple Capacity
Ergonomically comfortable grip
Fast actuation speed, so the tool fires on trigger pull without delay


Technical Specification:

Magazine Capacity – 35
Width – 75mm
Height – 320mm
Weight – 2.1kg


These staples have been specially designed to hold a range of different cables. They are for use in the DEWALT DCN701 Cordless Electrician’s Staple Gun which fires staples at just the right pressure to hold the cable with the insulated plastic on the staples without any damage to the cable itself. They can even be used to clip cables that would be more sensitive to damage, such as network/telephone cables or satellite/coaxial cables. Each box of staples contains 36 clips of 15 staples for a total of 540 staples.



Insulated plastic contacts the cables

19mm in width suitable for up to 6mm T+E

540 staples per box

Made by DEWALT for DCN701 Stapler

Perfect for electricians


Supplied With:

1 x DCN701 Electrician’s Stapler

1 x DCB183 2Ah Battery

1 x 540 DRS18100 Staples

1 x DCB115 Multi-Voltage Charger


Weight 25.00 kg
Dimensions 400 × 1500 × 300 cm



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