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Authorised Dewalt Dealers UK

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DeWalt DT7274-QZ 57mm Pozi Phillips High Impact Screwdriver Bit Set PZ2 PZ3 PH2

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The DeWALT FlexTorq screwdriver bit range is impact rated and designed for use with high torque impact drivers.
An extended FlexTorq torsion zone protects the bits from the huge amount of torque generated and transfers all of that power to the head to make sure screws are driven as efficiently as possible without the risk of snapping bits.

Contains a selection of high performance FlexTorq impact bits that have been designed for use with impact drivers. Favoured by professional users for maximum hold, tight access and no run out. The CNC precisely machined bits have a torsion zone that absorbs peaks in torque allowing optimum bit flex for maximum life in tough impact or high torque industrial applications.

Handy carabineer clip and rubber sleeve to hold bits
Contoured area of the bit flexes with the torque of the impact driver to absorb torque peaks and protect
the bit for longer life
Extreme Impact Ready FLEXTORQ screwdriver bits
Optimised tip geometry for full fitment in the fastener and reduced cam-out
Full-fit head eliminates wobble and screw head rounding
Optimised torsion zone maximises bit life and turning force even in the most demanding applications


  • Includes 10 57mm Pozi bits
  • Integrated karabiner for easy storage
  • Flex torque zone absorbs excess torque and allows bit to flex rather than break
  • Extended FlexTorq torsion zones protect your bits
  • Full fit heads eliminate wobble and screw head rounding

Stored on a convenient keyring with integrated karabiner.

2 x PH2 FlexTorq bits
6 x PZ2 FlexTorq bits
2 x PZ3 FlexTorq bits

Complete with Keyring