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Authorised Dewalt Dealers UK

Authorised Dewalt Dealers UK

Authorised DeWalt Dealers UK

DeWalt DT70710 13pc Extreme 2 Metal Drill Bit Set

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DeWalt Extreme 2 HSS-G drill bits for metal have no-walk tips for clean, accurate starting and burr-free holes thanks to recessed cutting wings. They are suitable for portable drilling into alloyed and non-alloyed steel up to 900 N/mm2, and can be used in wood and plastics as well as thin metals and sheet metals.


  • Increased durability and speed
  • Up to 50% stronger than HSS-R drill bits
  • Up to 4x faster than HSS-R drill bits
  • 3-sided no-slip shanks eliminate slipping in the chuck (5.0mm and above)
  • Innovative tapered web greatly reduces breakage
  • Gold ferrous oxide coating prevents overheating
  • No-walk drill tips
  • Cleaner, accurate burr-free holes due to recessed cutting wings
  • Durable ToughCase organiser
  • ToughCases can be slotted into TSTAK caddies


1x 1.5mm Drill Bit
1x 2mm Drill Bit
1x 2.5mm Drill Bit
1x 3mm Drill Bit
1x 3.2mm Drill Bit
1x 3.5mm Drill Bit
1x 4mm Drill Bit
1x 4.5mm Drill Bit
1x 5mm Drill Bit
1x 5.5mm Drill Bit
1x 6mm Drill Bit
1x 6.5mm Drill Bit
1x 7mm Drill Bit
1x Small ToughCase