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Authorised Dewalt Dealers UK

Authorised DeWalt Dealers UK

Bestway 12ft Steel Pro Large Swimming Pool with Filter Pump - 366 x 84cm

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  • It doesn’t get any better than having your very own pool in your backyard and this ultra durable pool strikes the perfect balance between quality and price
  • Enormous size of 3.66 x 0.84m
  • Can be easily set up in 20 minutes by 2–3 people
  • Easy to disassemble for storage
  • Corrosion and rust resistant steel frame equipped with new plastic T-connector for a sturdy and secure frame connection
  • Liner is made from DuraPlus™ , a hardwearing material that is reinforced for strength and puncture resistance
  • Filter pump keeps the pool water clean and hygienic over the summer months – circulates clean water by pumping it out of the swimming pool, through a filter cartridge and back again
  • Easy-to-read floating thermometer for temperature checking
  • Reusable and easy-to-maintain corrosion-proof plastic surface skimmer automatically clears debris – can be attached to the filter pump for automatic skimming
  • Includes filter pump, pool cover, pool surface skimmer, floating pool thermometer, ChemConnect™ dispenser and repair patch
  • Pump water flow rate (pump capacity ): 3,028L/h (800gal./h; 3m³/h)
  • Integrated pool system water flow rate (system flow rate): 2,195L/h (580gal./h; 2m³/h)
  • Type of filter: synthetic cartridge filter
  • Turbidity reduction efficiency: 50% tbr
  • Retained mass (DP 20 test): 30g
  • Limit clean value: cartridge needs to be cleaned every day and replaced when flow rate falls down to 480gal/h (1,817L/h)
  • Water capacity (90%): 7,480L
  • Weight: 26.5kg